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Welcome to Tommy McCarthy Racing



Our experienced crew member will be on hand to provide personalized assistance throughout the track day.

  • Suspension Tuning: Onsite professional suspension adjustments tailored to your feedback and track conditions. 

  • Comprehensive Tool Kit: We come fully equipped with a comprehensive range of tools to tackle any fixable mechanical issues that may arise, ensuring you stay on the track.

  • General Maintenance: From fluid checks to tire pressure adjustments, we'll ensure your car is in top condition throughout the day.


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A professional driver will attend a scheduled track event with you to help with your driving. No matter your skill level, our coaching is personalized whether you're a beginner seeking help with fundamentals to a talented driver needing advice on a track they have not been to before.

There's no substitute for hands-on learning. Get behind the wheel and receive real-time feedback via radios as you navigate the track.


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Experience the thrill of the track in our national-winning Spec Miatas! Perfect for casual track days or SCCA/NASA race events. Miata rental includes competitive tires, fuel, transport, and GoPro video—all for one convenient price. Skip the hassle and focus on racing. Book now to elevate your track experience



Ready to step up your racing game? Rent our 2023 Toyota GR Cup car for the ultimate transition to professional motorsports or pre-race practice. Our all-inclusive package features a dedicated crew member for on-site support, used slick tires, fuel, transport, data analysis, in-car video, and radios—all to optimize your performance and preparation. Make your mark on the track with our professional-grade race car. Book now for a seamless racing experience!


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45950 Hotchkiss St

Fremont, CA 94539

United States

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