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Children's Burn Foundation


Children’s Burn Foundation was founded in 1985 by the late Dr. Richard Grossman and the late actor and burn survivor, McLean Stevenson. These men were both so profoundly impacted by the devastating consequences that serious burn injuries can have on a child, that they joined forces to provide resources and support for burned children who would otherwise be unable to benefit from state-of-the-art medical treatments and post-acute burn care services.
The Foundation was restructured in 1995 by Doug and Carol Mancino, to be governed by a dedicated Board of Trustees. In 1996, The Council, a volunteer group, was established by Carol Mancino. The Council works to support the Foundation’s fundraising and community outreach initiatives and hosts the annual Giving New Hope Benefit.
In the years since its inception, the Foundation’s mission has grown to include support for the psychological recovery from burn trauma and the short term emergency needs of families, as well as fire safety and prevention education programs for children, parents, and other caregivers. In 2006, the Foundation began its International Outreach Program, in partnership with the American Burn Association, to provide burn care education and training at teaching hospitals in developing countries.
Today, the Foundation provides state-of-the-art reconstructive treatment, emergency family assistance, survivor and family camps, counseling, a teen support program, and prevention and education programs that reach more than 85,000 children and families annually. Prevention and education programs have reached over one million children!


Prevent Childhood Cancer

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End Childhood Cancer


KOASTRONG is a very close charity to Tommy as his childhood friend, Kanoa Pagan, and his family are the ones that started it. KOASTRONG is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization raising funds for critical research focused on childhood cancer prevention. As the leading disease cause of death for children, more than 16,000 children will get cancer in 2022 in the US. Although substantial gains have been made in the treatment of some types of cancers over the past several decades, progress is still limited against many others. Survivors of childhood cancer may experience life long adverse effects and emotional trauma from the disease and its treatments.

KOASTRONG is dedicated to focusing research grants in the area of preventing childhood cancer. Please join us to fund crucial research to cure all forms of childhood cancer.

Instagram: @kekoastrong 


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